Saturday, September 20, 2008

Powerpuff Girls movie

" ...and so the day is saved, thanks to The Powerpuff Girls!" Erm, not quite. No, not in this movie. The Powerpuff Girls are the ones who are meant to be saving people and the world, right? But what happens when these superheroes turn into evil villiains?

By the creators of Kiki's Randomness Blog. Thanks to: Photoshop.


の--sWeεΤ Sんǐйě sωeΕT said...

Powerpuff Girls..I loved this cartoon when I was young..Who is ur fav? Blossom,Bubble or Buttercup..I love Bubble because she is the cutest!!I love cute things!!!

の--sWeεΤ Sんǐйě sωeΕT said...

Aha..I know that..and I love the yellow girl best.She's the most sweet!

Irregular Kiki said...

When we were small, me, and my two friends all had the same t-shirt but in different colours. I had blue, my friend had orange and my other friend had green. Then we realised... Hey! These are the colours of The Powerpuff Girls! So I became Bubbles, my friends became Blossom and Buttercup. But that was ages ago. I still think they're okay but I haven't watched their episodes in a long time so I can't really remember.