Saturday, September 20, 2008

Poll Results - Video games

Q. Which video game do you have, or if you don't have one, which one would you want?

X-Box 360 - (3 votes)
Nintendo DS Lite - (4 votes)
Playstation 3 - (0 votes)
Nintendo Wii -
(2 votes)

I am a fan of video games.
Does anyone have X-Box/360? I absolutely love the game Halo and it's sequels (Halo 2 and 3). I have never seen or heard of a better shooting/killing game. I also like car games. But Halo just ROCKS! Halo 3 is made for X-Box 360 only. We've clocked the others. It is sooooo cool. In Halo 3, I discovered this extremely cool weapon like a big stick, whatever you hit with it, the object blows up. It is just sooooooooooo awesome!!!! In the photo above, that's you in the game. You get to go in cars, planes, tanks and more, to kill the evil monsters in missions. You can even play against your friends, killing each other with no monsters involved. It just gets better every second. It’s really scary when you play alone.
Nintendo DS is really cool too. But I think they need to make better games like Grand Theft Auto and more.

Here are some more images of Halo 3

This is the view when you're playing multiplayer, killing each other, not missions.

That's you at the front^^

One of the creepy-zombie-looking-scary monsters you come across in the game.

Powerpuff Girls movie

" ...and so the day is saved, thanks to The Powerpuff Girls!" Erm, not quite. No, not in this movie. The Powerpuff Girls are the ones who are meant to be saving people and the world, right? But what happens when these superheroes turn into evil villiains?

By the creators of Kiki's Randomness Blog. Thanks to: Photoshop.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Bad Kitty" by Michele Jaffe

"Bad Kitty" written by Michele Jaffe, is about a 17 year old girl, Jasmine Callihan, on vacation in Las Vegas with her family. She predicted her vacation would be about avoiding her cousin Alyson and her 'Evil Hench Twin' Veronique and trying to get the 'cute guy across the pool' to notice her. It is when a three legged cat, called Mad Joe, attacks her that she realises there's a whole unsolved mystery about the murder of Len Phillips. She's determined to solve the mystery with her best friends Polly, Roxy and Tom. Also along the way, she meets the 'cute guy across the pool' who may or may not be involved in the crime.