Saturday, January 17, 2009

Poll Results - cooking

Q. Do you like cooking?

No but I'm forced to cook - (1 vote)
No - (1 vote)
Yes - (5 votes)
Yes, but I'm horrible at it - (1 vote)

I love baking. I am a big fan of sweets. In fact, I may even create a blog of recipes.... hmm..
I enjoy making cakes using ready-cake-mix, but I hardly ever buy them because nobody else in my family enjoys them, and therefore I am not allowed to make them.

Cupcakes are really fun. I really need to make cupcakes soon. Here is a really good cupcake website that teaches you how to decorate your cupcakes and make frosting and lots more. I bought some marshmallows to make that frog decoration, on the link.

Honey joys are my new obsession. We made them for a get together with many people yesterday. They were a huge success.

I have always been a fan of hedgehog (It's like chocolate & biscuit slice). (We also made that yesterday). It is absolutely delicious. My sister always makes them, and I'm always gobbling them. Oh and once, she made these delicious fudge brownies, and for some extremely weird reason, no body else liked them, so the whole tray was left for me!!! I crave them... I think I finished the whole thing in 2 days! It was ooooooooh soooooo delicious! Hot, wet, fudgy centre was oozing with chocolate. Okay I'm exaggerating with the oozing chocolate part. But seriously, the thing was delicious! When I get the recipe, I will post it on the 'recipe blog' (if I make a recipe blog).

Random Irregular's blonde brownies, ahhhhhh, delicious! Click here to go to the recipe. They're so easy to make! My second time making them, the batter turned out to be really crumby and dry, so I added an extra egg. That extra egg made it taste like cake, instead of brownie, which was still delicious!

Baking is too fun to expain. I don't know why I didn't bake before.

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