Saturday, December 27, 2008

The yummy choc-chip thing

I highly recommend that you visit Random Irregular's blog and construct yourself a tray of blonde brownies as I did. Above is a picture of the brownies I made and as you can see, I've specially added extra choc chips on the top to make it pretty.
Thank you, Random Irregular, for this simple-scrumptious recipe.


Random Irregular said...

Awww, that's so sweet of you! But can I ask, when did you add the extra choc chips? Becasue if it was before baking, don't the melt? Mmm, the picture looks so professional, I swear, and the blonde brownies...scrumptious.
Hey, yesterday I baked chocolate brownies using the same recipe. Except I added roughly 4 tbs of cocoa powder and I think it was 1 tsp caster sugar. They baked in 20 minutes, but I think I should've underbaked them just slightly so they could taste 'fudier.'

We're like, Baking Buddies. Hehe. Or Baking Baddies(we're evil :[ )

Irregular Kiki said...

I added the choc-chips prior to the baking process. These are choc chips that keep their shape when cooked. They don't melt and spread. Have you tasted chocolate souffle??? It tastes like chocolate brownies!!!