Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Idiot Test

I know I haven't been posting for quite a long time. Now here is a test you might want to take.:


Anonymous said...

The link for MI's blog doesn't work.


Anonymous said...

heyyyy, wats ur name? iz it really kiki? lyk, omg, thatz such a coincidence, u noe. i totslly luv kiki strike.
oh yea, where r u from? wat country? can i visit u?
plz reply soon, kk?

i luv ur blog. im gunna tell my friendzz.
do u lyk myiley cyres? she is ly, so cool. im so jaluz of her.

Random Irregular said...

Yeah, I know. It doesn't work.

Hi Kiki:) You are right next to me. Teehee.

Irregular Kiki said...

Hi anonymous.
No my name is not Kiki but you can call me that. It's so cool that you totslly love Kiki Strike because I do too!
Yes I like Miley Cyrus...