Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kiki Strike - the books you MUST read!

This is a book you must read: Kiki Strike Inside The Shadow City - by Kirsten Miller

I did a book report and class oral presentation on this book so here is a blurb I have made:

12 year old Ananka Fishbein meets the mysterious Kiki Strike and together with a few other friends, they form a secret society called the Irregulars. They Discover the secrets of the long forgotten Shadow City, underneath the towns of New York.
But Kiki's evil auntie, Livia, Queen of Pokrovia and her daughter, Sidonia, Princess of Pokrovia are out to get Kiki and her guardian, Verushka.
The Irregulars must watch one of their members, Betty, as she attends the rich and famous Bannerman Ball, in search of clues about recent kidnappings. But Princess Sidonia has set a trap for the Irregulars.
Will it be too late before Kiki Strike and her friends can save the Shadow City from being discovered by others?
Action packed and full of excitement. This book is great for girls who like reading about teamwork and discovery.

Also read:
Kiki Strike: The Empress's Tomb
the second book of this spectacular series.
(This book was presented in class by my friend, Random Irregular)


Tifeneeeyh said...

Lyk my name is Tifeneeey and eye luv Kiekie Srike 2. OMG!!!

Random Irregular said...

Do you want my book report to put up?